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memoryslandscape: Stanisław Masłowski, Wschód Księżyca…


Stanisław Masłowski, Wschód Księżyca (Moonrise), 1884

sickpage: Bruno BarbeyPOLAND. City of Sopot, Pomerania region….


Bruno Barbey

POLAND. City of Sopot, Pomerania region. 1981.

beautifulbizarremagazine: #beautifulbizarre presents our ‘ARTIST…


#beautifulbizarre presents our ‘ARTIST ON THE RISE’ spotlight: “Phaneron” by @collin.elder CONGRATS Collin!

If you’d like to submit your work to beautiful.bizarre, please visit our website beautifulbizarre.net/submit/ for submission guidelines

a-wandering-minstrel: Little gifts by Manuel Castanon


Little gifts by Manuel Castanon

Une Cité Moderne, part 8


The eight and final instalment of the 32 drawings in French architect Rob Mallet-Stevens’ 1922 portfolio Une Cité Moderne. This quite remarkable collection of modernist buildings includes pretty much everything a small town might need - and what a town it would be!