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softwaring:Ice slush waves of Nantucket, the temperatures have…


Ice slush waves of Nantucket, the temperatures have been so cold lately in Nantucket that the waters have partially frozen giving them a slushee effect.

Jonathan Nimerfroh

nervoustemple:leirelatent: Zdzisław Beksiński [Chociażbym…


leirelatent: Zdzisław Beksiński [Chociażbym chodził ciemną doliną, zła się nie ulęknę, bo Ty jesteś ze mną.] (Dziesiąta rocznica śmierci - 21.02.2005)

meanwhilebackinthedungeon:— Bastien Lecouffe Deharme


— Bastien Lecouffe Deharme

im-not-mine:Peter Paul Rubens, Fall of the Damned, ca. 1620.The…


Peter Paul Rubens, Fall of the Damned, ca. 1620.

The Fall of the Damned, conversely known as The Fall of the Rebel Angels is a monumental religious painting by Peter Paul Rubens. It features a jumble of the bodies of the damned, hurled into abyss by archangel Michael and accompanying angels. The most fascinating aspect of this painting is the almost abstract way in which the bodies seem to be interwined and the fact that Jesus is not present here. David Freedberg assessed this painting manner as the “most brilliant assemblages of lusciously naked flesh in Western art”.

In 1959 an art vandal (Walter Menzl) threw an acid on the painting. According to him, he did not directly destroy the work, but the acid “relieves one from the work of destruction”. He originally wanted to destroy Dürers “Four Apostles”, but hesitated due to “religious reasons”.

puppy95:Hellen Jo


Hellen Jo